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Great photography is always on the edge of failure.
Garry Winogrand
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FOTOFORM is an international platform dedicated to photography.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide emerging photographers with an avenue to reach new audiences with their work and to celebrate key figures in both the history of photography and contemporary image making.


We accept kit submissions on a rolling basis. From these submissions, we make selections for additional editorial features.


Unless otherwise noted, photographers own the copyright to the images on this site. Fotoform makes no representation as to ownership of any content other than where explicitly indicated. We built this site to support the photographers we admire, but if you would like your work removed, please send us a message using the form below.


FOTOFORM is edited by Frank Phillips and includes contributions from photographers around the globe.

Foster + Partners Comcast Technology Center © Frank Phillips, 2019

Foster + Partners Comcast Technology Center © Frank Phillips, 2019

Mt. Mitchell, elevation 6,683 ft, Summer '19

Frank Phillips

Fotoform was born out of my passion for photography, which I think is the most powerful medium of our generation. I founded the platform in 2019 as a means to elevate and share the best photography from across the globe, to explore the history of this unique medium, and to provide analysis of the rapid technological advancements that characterize the industry. In my free time I enjoy hiking, code, and watermelons.