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Alessia Morellini

Alessia Morellini

During this quarantine I rediscover a more clean and simple typology of photography, I abandoned the idea of recreating sensational urban or natural landscapes, and I used my body and other old pictures of my friends as my main subject.

I played with shapes and objects of my daily routine,I gave them another connotation and I’m so satisfied finding interest in these elementary things. This work also helps to remind me of one important lesson: It’s time for us all to get back to basics and concentrate on what really matters.

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Alessia Morellini

Born in 1985, Alessia Morellini lives and works in Modena, Italy. Her life is animated by two passions: photography and travel. During her years in college, she began as a self-taught photographer capturing the solitary and aseptic sceneries of the Po Valley. Later on, she continued to develop her research beyond the national borders.

Alessia Morellini is fascinated by everyday things in life as well as the familiar aspects of objects and panoramas that surround us. Furthermore, she has this strong passion for the decontextualization of little details of natural and urban landscapes.

She has collaborated with Repubblica and a various number of digital magazines (Coy Culture, Somewhere Magazine, Our Momentum, Peach Magazine, No More Mondays, Broad Magazine.) Today, she also works as a freelance photographer for some brands in the textile area of Carpi.

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