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Beatriz Rocha

Beatriz Rocha

I almost never leave the house without my camera, even if i’m just going out for a coffee or the supermarket because when i don’t take it with me i always regret it, there’s always a specific moment or scene that i wish i could capture with my camera. I mostly shoot buildings and portraits but i don’t think i have a specific type that i like the most, i just fall in love with the moment and feel like i have to capture it and make it eternal, no matter what it is.

I just love this camera simply because i started with a very cheap one and then everytime i had and extra lense that i could trade or something else photography related, i would run to my usual store and trade the camera i had at the moment and other stuff for a slightly better one and when i went in to trade for this one i was able to get it for a much cheaper price because the photometer doesn’t work so when i shoot i actually study the light with my eyes and try to put the values i think are the best for the moment so i never really know if i’ll get a good picture or not and that is fun for me.

Nikon fm camera

Nikon FM

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Beatriz Rocha

I’m a 22 years old graphic designer, born in Portugal and currently doing a masters in Creative Illustration in Barcelona and capturing the city through film.

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