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Chochana Rosso

Revue 500AF + Nikon Lite Touch AF

During the lockdown of 2020, I isolated myself at my parents house. And I needed to document our lives, the special and limited moments when I went out and my feelings by taking my camera everywhere. The city felt dead, like a ghost town. I took pictures almost everyday and created myself some kind of a routine to not lose myself : finish a film, develop it, scan it and print the pictures to work with them. I called it "Lockdown Journal" because this series comes from an actual journal I always have with me and where I write and create my work. Alongside this, I'm working on experimentations and appropriations of my sexuality and body. I postponed this subject during a long time and the lockdown kind of forced me to work on it actively. So I photograph a lot my body trying to find some intimacy with it and understand it. This is still a work in progress...

Most of my cameras are coming from my family's cave and thanks to them, I have a lot of different choices of medium. During the lockdown, I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone with the flash to do more documentary pictures and experiment with the shadows and my body. The Revue gave to my photographs a rougher aspect and the feeling that I had to go more close to the things to be more intimate, to catch what I wanted. I also love its sound when I shoot...

This is the most little camera I own. I take it with me everywhere and I shoot everything with it. It's more automatic than what I am used to photograph with but the panorama option is really interesting. Even more when I took unintentionally two entire films in panorama. I was a little frustrated when I developed the film but afterwards it was a beautiful surprise and I realized I centered a lot my subjects.

For years I wanted to develop my black and white films myself and during the lockdown, I took the decision to buy all the equipment and go for it ! I realized it's really a special moment when you discover your films in your bathroom and see all the pictures you've made. As a photographer you can really go into your work like this. You can experiment more and also produce more. It was the missing piece. And the next step is even more important and thrilling : PRINTING !

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Chochana Rosso

I am a 28 years old french-caribbean photographer. I have a bachelor in graphic design, specifically in experimental publishing. I have been taking photographs since I turned 14. Since then, I have had an instinctive need to archive my life, and to create a visual journal thanks to a daily, perhaps obsessional, practice. I work with moving bodies, sensuality, curves, diversity of shapes... I also like to use my own body as a medium.

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