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Claudina Diego

Canon AE-1 + Kodak Gold 200

I use to say that I take pictures like Godard directed movies. My photography is about life. Maybe a lot of people don't find special what I do, because my work as a photographer doesn't involve spacial effects, tons of make-up and profissional models. I like to photograph friends in their daily life, I like to photograph the city during my walks and I'm also into self-portraits. I use to photograph 2 or 3 film rolls per month.

Canon AE-1 is a manual camera that allows me to takegreat quality pictures in 135 mm format. I find it too heavy to carry it in my everyday life, but I can't do anything about it... And the metal in the camera gives it an amazing look! I mostly use the lens 50 mm 1:18.

I try too explore as many films as I can. But mostly I shootwith Kodak Gold 200, it has a great quality-price relation!

Claudina diego portfolio 09
Claudina Diego w/ Canon AE-1

Claudina Diego

Currently concluding my master degree in Information Science. I have been passionately studying the relation between photography and archives and this field already gave me the opportunity to explore and work old photo collections. I'm very into analogue photography! However, I got into photography when I was 10 years old and I had for Christmas a little digital camera. I was so happy and excited that I became the photographer of my family holidays. Since then I can't go for a walk or a trip without a camera, there's an urgency inside me to take pictures and to document what is around me. Camera after camera, till I decided to try to shoot film. I have been doing analogue photography for more than four years now!

But no matter if I'm taking pictures in digital or if I'm shooting film, my goal is always the same: to represent life.

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