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Danica O. Kus

The Architecture of Tadao Ando

Danica O. Kus
The Architecture of Tadao Ando
Photographing the architecture of Tadao Ando was an impressive experience about beauty, simplicity and strong connotation to space.

The architect Tadao Ando restored a place near Osaka, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1995 where thousands of people lost their lives. He created a multifunctional space, a place to commemorate, and a space to celebrate life through art and design.

The project is called Awaji Yumebutai. Yumebutai means "Dream Stage”. The complex consists of a conference center, hotel, church, memorial, a place for weddings and events, etc. There are several buildings and structures connected by corridors and public squares. The ground is made of scallop shells and covered with water. Walking through the interior and exterior areas is magnificent. It is an emotional, spiritual, and spatial experience.

On the same island, Tadao Ando created The Water Temple, a reflecting pool, with sacred place downstairs and a statue of Amida Buddha in the center.
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Danica O. Kus

Born in Slovenia, studied photography in Belgium at RhoK Academy, holds also a degree in marketing from the University of Maribor – Faculty of Economy, Slovenia.

Passion for photography led her to investigate buildings not only as an architectural object but also to explore the atmosphere of the inner and other space. She is interested in investigating the unique identity of the space in order to reveal its character.

Her photography work has been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions. Some images are part of the permanent collection of Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Rodin Museum Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and private collections. She received an award as the overall professional winner at Blueprint Architecture Photography Awards 2019 in London.

She was also honored with the first prize of Vitra Belgium, photo competition 2008 “How to see” George Nelson and award for Excellence for Competition “Small Matters of Great Importance” for series Stairs at Edward Hopper House, Nyack, NY.

Her photography work has been published in various books, magazines and web publications.

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