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Eduarda Oliveira

Leica R5 + Olympus Trip 35 + Canon Prima Twin S

My main focus is street photography. I enjoy capturing small, mundane moments of people's lives. I am always taking photos of everything, but I usually dedicate my day-off exclusively to photography. You can always find me and my camera somewhere in the city.

I currently shoot with three cameras. It usually depends on what I want to photograph, but I consider all three essential. The Canon Prima Twin S is compact and simple to use when the purpose is taking fun pictures, especially during the night. The flash enhances the quality and therefore the result is usually satisfying. The Olympus Trip 35 was the first camera I bought. I still have it but I don't use it often. However, even though it's a basic camera, it still gives you nice shots on sunny days - the photos are rarely grainy. The Leica R5 is my favourite of all three, the features seemed a bit complicated at first but it is an easy camera to handle and the shots are very impressive, even with more challenging lighting conditions.

The Leitz lenses are 28mm, so the aperture is wide, which can be both great and challenging when we speak about street photography. This is because in order to get a nice shot you must be close to the object in focus. But I consider that an essential point in photography, overcoming the small challenges in order to get the perfect shot.

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Eduarda Oliveira

I first encountered photography as a young child. My family had an Olympus Trip 35 which was broken, yet I would pretend it was fully functional and act as if I was taking pictures of anything and everything. I have always had the passion for photography, but I started taking it seriously in my adolescence. I love the concept that a simple moment becomes frozen by becoming an image, not just restricted to memory.

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