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Canon A1

I Shoot everyday. It's hard to define what my work is about, I'm just trying to show how I view the world for what it really is, no sugar or any bullshit in it. I love photography because you can turn trash into gold on a paper if the lighting hits your subject just right.

It's perfect. feels great in the hands & does what its suppose to do. I'm old school so an all black is the best camera to have in your hands. At the end of the day a camera is a camera but I just though this camera looked sick as fuck!!!!

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film gad

Depression. It fuels the creativity, that's how I got started in photography. It was a way to express myself visual instead of verbally which I have no luck in. 10 years ago I started this journey. Always been a lover of art, it was my escape so when I found photography everything felt organic. I worked with a few companies that allowed me to travel around the world but now I'm at home in jamaica, freelancing for magazine & documenting its culture in the best way possible on 35mm film.

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July 30 2020
posted by fotoform