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Giulia De Marchi


Giulia De Marchi

photos © Giulia De Marchi

Inspired by “A Tour Through Sicily and Malta: In a Series of Letters to William Beckford” of Patrick Brydone, Vulcano is a series of digital and analog photographs that explores Etna, an active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy.

“Many parts of this region are surely the most heavenly spots upon earth; and if Etna resembles hell within, it way with equal justice be said to resemble paradise without.

It is indeed a curious consideration, that this mountain should re-unite every beauty and every horror; and, in short, all the most opposite and dissimilar objects in nature. Here you observe a gulf, that formerly threw out torrents of fire, now covered with the most luxuriant vegetation; and from an object of terror, become one of delight. Here you gather the most delicious fruit, rising from what was but lately a black and barren rock. Here the ground is covered with every flower; and we wander over these beauties, and contemplate this wilderness of sweets, without considering that hell, with all its terrors, is immediately under our feet; and that but a few yards separates us from lakes of liquid fire and brimstone.”

P. Brydone, A Tour Through Sicily and Malta: In a Series of Letters to William Beckford


Giulia De Marchi

Giulia De Marchi (b. 1990) is an Italian photographer currently living in Treviso, Italy. Her work has been published in magazine such as Ignant, Fubiz, Pellicola, Noice.

“In 2009 with my first salary, I bought an entry-level Canon which, after a few test shots, I’ve put away in a drawer. Some years later, after some basic notions learned from a friend and from a short photographic course (where I enrolled after a bet!), the desire to narrate what I do and what intrigues me the most surfaced in me.

Design, photography and art in general have always fascinated me; because of my career choices I have never been able to obtain a proper education in these fields. So, I grabbed some photography books and started going to the local exhibitions in addition to educating myself through an endless list of web sites saved in my bookmarks. Mostly, it has always been a self-taught path, as I travelled with passion and determination in my spare time and during the weekends.

My photography, although it may seem otherwise, is not rational. It pushes me to shoot anything that creates a balanced composition. It is simply being in the right place at the right moment.

The landscape has always been an important source of my inspiration; the spaces, the colours, the sounds, make every place full of special memories and stories to tell.”

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