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Ismail Semih Palalı

Canon AE-1 Program

I've just literally started shooting films and realized that I am really into this. I used to shoot with my phone. However, after I started shooting with my Canon AE-1 Program SLR, which is one of the most popular film cameras of all time I decided to keep going with it. I love the fact that colors of an image made by a film camera make me feel way more better. Grab your camera with you all the time because no body knows when the inspiration comes.

I adore the shutter sound and the feeling of the film advance lever! It just feels so good to take a pic with this machine and the fact that can't see the pictures you've just taken. Nevertheless, by the time you get your film from the lab, you see if you're doing well or not. It's all about passion, patience and happiness.

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Ismail Semih Palalı

I am Semih, Istanbul based photography enthusiast. I love creating my works at golden hours. I'd rather be alone and enjoy the moment when I take pictures because this is the best way that you can hear your inner world and reflect it to your jobs. I used to take pictures with my phone since I was 16. But now, I use my 1983 model old school camera to show you what's in my head. Although I've just met with film photography, I am such a big fan of it. Here you can see analog pictures I've taken so far. I've also taken hundreds of images with my phone in more than 15 countries. You can see them on my Instagram as well.

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