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Jan Paul Evers

Jan Paul Evers

text by Thomas Seelig

Jan Paul Evers' photographic imagery is engaging and perplexing. The granular structure of its analog formation points to an outdated reference system that has long been in the process of dissolution. Nevertheless, the artist charmingly and consistently insists on the decisive moment which, unlike Cartier-Bresson, does not manifest itself in a jump over a puddle. On the contrary, in these times of standardized digital imaging processes, Jan Paul Evers celebrates his struggle in the darkroom in an alchemical and elementary manner for the perfect print. All of this would be a nostalgic transfiguration of a media-mourned past if Evers did not counter this with an eclectic, sometimes erratic mix of abstract and representative motifs.
Jan paul evers portrait
photo © Stefan Braunbarth

Jan Paul Evers

The artist Jan Paul Evers (born 1982) currently lives and works in Rhineland, Germany. The starting point of his analogue black and white photographs are pictures taken by himself in addition to existing material. The unique pieces on baryta paper focus on the relationship between image and effigy, motif and reality and thus question the scope of reproduction. His works have found their way into numerous collections, such as the Julia Stoschek Collection and the Museum Folkwang Essen. His artistic work can currently be seen in the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and the Frac Normandie Rouen. He is represented by Gallery Max Mayer, Düsseldorf and Beat Raeber Gallery, Zurich.

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