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Jason Osborne

Canon AL-1 + Canon FD 50mm

You either take a good one or you don’t. Just keep it moving.
— Jason Osborne

I like this camera for a few reasons. Firstly, it holds sentimental value to me because it’s my first ever (and only) film camera I’ve owned. My girlfriend bought it for $11 and she gifted it to me while I was visiting her in California, so it will always remind me of my first time in America and all the fun memories that came with it :) Secondly, I love how its developed my photography style. It really encourages me to get rather personal with the strangers I photograph and I’ve developed a lot of strong connections with these people I meet; its good for the soul. Lastly, I just love the simplicity of it, that’s why it works for me. No messing around deleting images. You either take a good one or you don’t. Just keep it moving.

The 50mm reigns supreme for me. Its such a dope lens and again, it’s super simple. No messing around with the zoom. Another reason why my style has developed to a more personal level. I can’t just stand in the distance and hope to get a good candid, I have to actually get close to people. I have to engage, show interest and step outside my comfort zone.

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Jason Osborne

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