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Jessica Bub

Nikon FG + Nikon Series E 50mm f/1.8

To view my photos is to see a peek of the world as I see it, which is perhaps a bit vague, but accurate nonetheless. I capture moments in my life that I find intriguing; the shape of the sky between buildings, a shadow, a reflection, a scene - it's all fair game. I moved to film because I like to feel physically connected to my work, and the process of shooting with an SLR extremely tactile and satisfying. I also feel like film photos, with their occasional imperfections, feel a lot more like the way I visually experience and remember the world around me.

Shortly after I decided to try shooting with film, I came across this Nikon FG at a secondhand shop. I just felt as if I was supposed to have it, and it has quickly become one of my favorite possessions. It's easy to carry around but has enough weight to it that it feels substantial and I like the way it looks.

For me, a 50mm lens is the go-to. It's size and versatility give me the freedom to take photos in the moment without feeling like I have to restrict myself because of my equipment.

When I found this camera, the Nikon case and strap were included. Truly a blessing, considering I can be a bit clumsy and usually have my camera in a bag with a couple other items.

Jessica bub self portrait

Jessica Bub

I've always had an innate curiosity and fascination with the world around me, and I've often said my creative motivation comes from a need to put pretty things into the world. I started with photography as a kid taking photos of stop signs and trees with disposable cameras, and I don't think that side of me has changed much. Now I work as an architect and perceiving and creating space is something I get to do on the daily, with photography and art being a deeply personal practice I keep to record anything I find worth capturing.

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