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Jonathan Hughen

Leica M3 + Summicron 50mm f/2

My photography is about the relationship I have to the world around me. It captures the moments I have lived and acts as a documentation of my life. It reflects my emotions and examines how they interact with each other. These moments form my experience.

This camera to me is photography in its most basic form. It is fully manual and has a small profile while also feeling rugged and tough. It helps me capture the world as I see it while being compact enough to carry it with me through my day to day.

50mm is my preferred focal length for small format. It's close enough for me to capture what I want but not so close that I disrupt what I'm photographing.

Music is essential for me, whether I'm out shooting or in the darkroom. It allows me to block out distractions and compose. A few of my favorite artists are To Kill a King, The Cure, and Wallows.

Jonathan hughen self portrait

Jonathan Hughen

I started taking pictures in my high school video production class. This led me to art school, were I fell in love with film photography. Since then I've photographed nonstop. Capturing moments in time.

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