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Jordan Whiteside-Johnson

Leica M6 TTL + Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/1.4

I mainly do Street Photography. The thing I love about street photography is the ability to capture people in a free flow. Even when I take images of friends, I prefer they just do what is natural to them instead of me posing them. I shoot mainly on weekends because I have more free time. I pack up my camera and then I go on a photo walk, usually starting at Penn Station and walking all the way towards the Brooklyn Bridge.

The M6 is quiet and that helps me to move with ease when I'm out in the streets. Rangefinder cameras in general are my ideal because it helps me to focus on my subject faster. It's not a bulky tool, which is something I don't want when I'm out because it makes me stand out. The speed that is given to me based on this camera is something that I love the most about it.

Leica m6

Leica M6 TTL

I believe 35mm is the perfect focal length for street photography. The speed and compact size of this lens allows me to capture my subjects fast and sharply without making my camera look intimidating.

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/1.4

Packing light is something that is crucial for me when I'm out and about. This is the only bag that I need to get me through a day. It perfectly holds my camera and my film rolls. I place my phone and charger in here as well. It keeps me versatile on a photo walk.

Places faces crossbody bag

Places + Faces Crossbody Bag

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Jordan Whiteside-Johnson

I am Film Production student from Brooklyn, NY. My love for film and television gave me my appreciation for the power that images can have. When my father got me my first camera in the 5th grade, I wanted to capture my neighborhood and friends because they were people and things that were generally disregarded in Film and Television. With photography, my aim is to make all things seen, no matter how they are regarded in the mainstream.

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