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Nawar Nasseh

Minolta SRT101 & Nikon Zoom110s

I'm quite still experimenting all form of art and trying to combine different methods to find myself. Recently i’ve been trying to combine photography with graphic design, I love to use the organic grain that i get from scans to create posters and artworks from it

These are my 2 favorite cameras, i love the Nikon because it's fun and small and easy to take out, and my Minolta that i got from my uncle has such a nice smooth image for portraits and self-portraits, i use it with a 28 mm and 55mm lens

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Nawar Nasseh

my love for film photography began when my dad gave me his precious memory of his brother, since then I knew that I had to give him the satisfaction of using it and capturing memories with his eyes, then I got obsessed with the surprises that i get with each film, and the memory that I got from that moment, and the deceptions from lost films.

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