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Rahier Pierre

Le silence de la vallée

Rahier Pierre
Le silence de la vallée
This work echoes to the Samson Valley, the place where he settled with his family. The photographs trace the close links that exist between humans and the nature that surrounds them. Fixed in the snapshot of light, animals, the plant world, life, death remember us and become deeply embedded in our flesh. Silent traces, we imprint these places of our passage without them echoing them.
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Pierre Rahier

Pierre Rahier was born in 1979, in Belgium. He is actually living in a small village close to Namur, capital of Wallonia.

He is self-taught and started to photograph some years ago thanks to his meeting with Baudoin Lotin a Belgian photographer.

He is actually working on a new project called « NAMUR ». Namur is a small town in Belgium and the capital of Wallonia. This project is in construction during a long personal workshop with Valentina Piccinni and Jean-Marc Caimi, a photography duo focusing on contemporary and documentary photography, among other publications their most recent books are "GÜLE GÜLE" and « RHOME".

His work is turned to human and his environnement. Never far away from his home, the camera is part of his daily life.

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