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Sarah Jasmin

Canon AE-1 + Rollei 35S + Minolta AF-DL

I am as a sun sign a Pisces, my moon sign: Pisces and my ascendant: Leo So you can imagine.. I am a total dreamer. I am always lost in my very own reality and try to spread it around everywhere I go...You staring at my photography, getting lost in thoughts and memories.. that’s the result I want to achieve with my work.

My first Camera was the Canon AE-1. It is the perfect Camera to start with, and super affordable. Some time later a good friend gifted me the Rollei 35 S, which I am using manly today. I absolutely love it! It’s incredibly small and mighty. The lens is not coupled to the viewfinder, meaning you have to use the lens hyperfocal distance to guess the focus. What stands out for me with this camera is its overall build quality and design. It is really quite amazing that something so small takes a roll of 35mm film and is able to take such great shots. Then there is the Minolta AF-DL. I manly use this one for evenings and time I just want to point and shoot. It gets you nice results with super few efforts.

Sarah jasmin self portrait with Canon AE 1

Sarah Jasmin

I am born and based in Switzerland with Italian, Spanish and Moroccan Berber roots. One day a friend introduced me into Analog Photography, I fell in love with the first „click“. Since then I always carry a camera with me to not miss a special moment to capture with my analog camera. This very moment which I just captured with my Camera, will freeze and stay forever. Nothing will change and just stay as beautiful as it is. Sometimes I need for a 36-Foto-Film several months. The great part about this; I forget what I shot, so when I develop them I get taken back to all my favorites moments.

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