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Yan Yango

Nikon F90x + Nikon Speedlight sb22s + Sennheiser Headphones

My work is pretty random because I'm still working on developing my own style but it's starting to lean towards portrait photography because there's something very soothing about capturing people when they're being themselves. When I bought my first 5 rolls I shot through them in less than a month because I taking pictures of everything and everyone and the results were poor. By now I'm more patient and I've learned to wait for opportunities and it feels more rewarding.

My partner in crime is the Nikon F90x which is also the first one I bought. My go-to lens is a super fast 50mm Nikkor lens which is an absolute beast when it comes portraits and low-light photography. This might be a weird thing about me but I like to name the stuff I buy so I gave my camera the name Esmeralda because a feisty camera needs a feisty name. I can't really explain why I chose this camera to be honest. Out of all the cameras I researched I wanted this one just because I wanted it.

Since I want to start getting more into low-light portraits photography, a flash is of course essential. I carry this one everywhere I go and the results I get with this flash combined with 50mm lens are pretty decent. The flash is not too strong and it has a built-in flash diffuser which create a nice soft glow on people's faces when I'm doing portraits.

My headphones are a very essential part of my workflow. I don't go anywhere without them and I don't take pictures without having them on or near me. The presence of music is very important when I'm shooting because it adds an dimension to the whole process and it makes it way more fun. I tune into one my funk playlists on Spotify and then I get to work.

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Yan Yango

My name's Yan Yango and I'm an 22 year old international business student from Belgium with Congolese roots. Even though I've always studied business and economics, the creative world of art (especially photography) has always been able to attract my attention. At first I lacked the motivation and drive to fully embrace and develop my creative self because of the constant pressure to follow a more serious path but it's been 2 years now since I unlocked my creative self and I'm loving every second of it. After making the decision to go for film, I bought my first ever film camera about 7 months ago and it was love at first exposure. I'm still not comfortable enough to call myself a photographer but as I'm receiving a lot of praise for my photos I'll be looking forward to the day when I can call myself a film photographer with full confidence.

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